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04 January 2017 @ 09:50 pm
It's just this Kickstarter promo vid, but you should totally check out this project.

NOT WITHOUT YOU ★ A Stucky Anthology
HARDCOVER | 300+ pages | 17 stories | 10 comics | Dozens of full-color illustrations

I am one of 60 amazing contributors and will have a one-page comic and fic illustration in this book.
25 November 2016 @ 12:27 pm
I also neglected to post these photos here. YES, I TOOK THESE.

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25 November 2016 @ 12:23 pm
I've been terrible at keeping my LJ up to date. SO HERE'S ALL THE ART I MISSED:

Art for Winter's Knight by waffilicious (Fairytale AU)
Steve's life is turned upside-down when, on a visit to his favorite park, he finds his best friend, Bucky, dressed in what looks like very intense Ren Faire armor and claiming to be the Winter Knight of the Unseelie Court. Pulled into the world of Faerie, Steve is determined to find out exactly what's happened to Bucky and bring him back home to the human world.

read the fic | buy this print

Art for remember my love by bleep0bleep (23k, Amnesia, Royalty AU)

Stiles wakes up and suddenly the war is over, he's no longer a penniless mage, and living in an exquisite manor married to the man he's been in love with for far too long. “It’ll be fine,” Stiles says gallantly. “I am certain I will just fall in love with my husband all over again, and I will find plenty of joy doing that.” He winks at Derek for good measure. Derek blinks.

read the fic

Finally got to meet the delightful Janet “Korra” Varney. She was just as winning in person as she comes across in interviews. AND LOOK WHAT SHE WROTE ON MY KORRASAMI ART ♡

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30 August 2016 @ 03:47 am
Characters: Steve Rogers and Angel!Bucky Barnes
Fandom: Captain America/MCU
Rating: PG

Something snaps, finally, and his Grace expands outward like an erupting volcano. Beneath
him, Steve’s stopped screaming, breathing in shallow ragged gasps. His heart is stuttering
offbeat, too fast then too slow. For one unstoppable, iridescent moment, Bucky thinks he
is burning in his own Grace. It stretches out and encompasses Steve in shimmering blue…

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30 August 2016 @ 03:42 am
Now that the challenge is over, I can officially claim my two contributions. Many thanks to my awesome team, TECHNICALLY I'M HOMELESS!

Week Two: Adaptations
Fandom: Teen Wolf, Ella Enchanted
Rating: PG

Week Three: Inspired By
Fandom: Teen Wolf, Lyrics from "Closer" by The Chainsmokers
Rating: PG
26 July 2016 @ 11:42 am

I wasn't planning on going this year, but I made the last-minute drive to see Hiddleston
and managed to get into Hall H for Wentworth, too :D

Tom Hiddleston in Glasses @ Nerd HQ (Set 1)
Tom Hiddleston @ Nerd HQ (Set 2)
Prison Break Panel @ SDCC
Adventures of Cardboard Sam & Dean
20 June 2016 @ 09:04 pm

eta: And then mintmintdoodles made this:

20 June 2016 @ 01:14 pm
Characters: Peggy Carter
Fandom: Agent Carter/MCU
Rating: PG

Hand-drawn/manip hybrid I made to get signed by Hayley Atwell

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20 June 2016 @ 01:09 pm
Characters: Young Bucky Barnes and Young Steve Rogers
Fandom: Captain America/MCU
Rating: G

Piece I drew to have autographed by Sebastian Stan

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